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Duration 1 Day
Batch I 24 Sept, 2017
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Small info about vajreshwari, Ganeshpuri and Hot Water Spring

Life in metros tends to get busy and hectic. It's good to take a small break every once in a while and engage in something different that will refresh you. What could be better than visiting a new place around where you stay but seldom find time to explore due to work? This long weekend, visit a nearby place that's been on your mind for a while, unwind and come back charged up to face new challenges. For those who are in Mumbai, we bring you a destination to visit, closer home - the twin towns of Vajreshwari and Ganeshpuri. Located in the Thane district of Maharashtra, the twin towns of Vajreshwari and Ganeshpuri are situated on the banks of the Tansa river. Being merely 3 km apart from each other, the places are almost always visited together. The destination makes a good day outing near Mumbai and is ideal for a long drive. Both the Ganeshpuri and Vajreshwari towns are famous for their ancient temples and scenic beauty. The unique feature of these twin towns is the hot-water springs that are rich in sulphur and believed to have therapeutic values. There are more than twenty-one hot-water springs around these towns and the nearby villages.

Ganeshpuri Once a dense forestland inhabited by a few tribal communities, Ganeshpuri was transformed into a spiritual centre by a spiritual leader called Nityanand Swami.The place has an old Shiva temple, a few natural hot-water springs and several other temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses. Of the many hot springs, a few are open to the public with bathhouses built around them.

Vajreshwari The Vajreshwari Temple is dedicated to goddess Vajreshwari, who is an incarnation of goddess Parvati. Vajreshwari means ‘lady of vajra or thunderbolt', owing to a legend where the goddess saved lives from the wrath of Vajra, which is known to be the invincible weapon of Lord Indra. The temple was built by the Peshwas after winning back the Bassein Fort, also known as Vasai Fort, from the Portuguese.

Hot Water Spring The temple is situated at the foothills of the Mandakini hills. The Mandakini hills were formed out of volcanic eruption, which also explains the numerous mineral-rich springs in the area. A flight of fifty odd steps leads to the temple perched on the top of a small hillock. Along with goddess Vajreshwari, there are temples dedicated to goddess Renuka and Kalika, in its vicinity. The temple offers a 360-degree view of the surroundings.

How to reach
By road: vasai
By rail: vasai , virar
Total tour cost -1 Days
Non members
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 Land Transport non ac Bus
 All (Veg) tea, breakfast, Lunch
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All personal expenses
Any kind of insurance coverage
Any other thing not mentioned above & left
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Additional Safari for group on request in advance with extra cost
For plan (S) can take 3TR AC on request in advance with extra nominal cost
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Terms & Condition
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 The itinerary for the tour will be as follows:

6.30 am

Start travel by bus

9.30 am Reach ganeshpuri breakfast visit ganeshpuri hot spring shiva temple

Ganeshpuri Nityanand Swami temple after arti

1 pm lunch
2 pm visit Nityanand Swami ashram and museum
3.15 pm Visit Vajreshwari temple, datta temple, Human temple and samadhi
4.30 pm tea and visiti Vajreshwari hot water spring
5 pm local shopping
5.30 pm start back travel to mumbai
8 pm Reach dadar
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